Muazzam group is a group of companies based in several countries and operating in various sectors.




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Countries Exported

Our head office is based in Dubai, UAE. We have several legal entities in Dubai. The main of which is Melen General Trading LLC.

We are active in several fields, mainly oil, gas, construction, furniture, IT, building materials.

In spite of the fact that legal entities in different countries were founded in the last four decades, the history of our family business stretches back to several centuries. The pace of progress and improvement in our group has been astonishing in recent decades.

Our company carries out activities in the field of comprehensive modernization and construction of new energy facilities: generation, distribution, transportation, as well as in the field of supplying the main and auxiliary equipment for the energy sector and oil and gas industry.

In petrol and gas sectors we are professionalized especially on machinery support, parts supplying, installation and transportation.

The transportation process comprises land and sea transportation. The Central Asia is at the focal point of our activity. Especially, transportation of the oil and gas from Iran to Central Asia countries, particularly tankers via sea fall in the scope our professionalism.

Our Activities

United Arab Emirate (UAE)


A material used in office and home decoration. It is mostly used in ceiling processes.


We supply new and second hand cars over demand to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Russia.


We provide car transportation service to Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. In addition, we organize transportation of containers coming from different countries to Turkmenistan via Bandar Abbas in Iran or Turkey.

Electronic Devices

We import electronic products to Dubai and we market them both in UAE and other countries. These products include both new and second hand LCD TVs, refrigerators, phones, cordless phones, air-conditioners, ovens etc.

Commercial Furniture

We are an exclusive distributor of Furkey which is one of the most important manufactures of office furniture, office chairs and school furniture.

Supplying to Central Asian Countries

Products we can supply to our customers in Central Asian countries.
Sugar from Brezilia and India
Eggs from India
Black Pepper from Vietnam
White marble from Vietnam
Construction materials and other products from Iran
Bitumin (used in production of asphalt) from Iran


We supply our European customers with Turkmen carpets. We take the carpets directly from the government’s factory in the name of our customer.

We manufacture hand made carpets. These carpets are 100% silk and wool.

We can manufacture all types of modern and classical designs according to the requirements of our customers.

Our company’s another field of professionalization is supplying governmental institutions with a wide range of products in a procurement and tender basis.

Any product required for our customers from the governmental institutions in Turkmenistan (official production and supplying centers). Most popular products are: Cotton yarn and other products related to cotton. Also, petroleum, diesel, and natural gas, fabrics and towels.


We market Turkmen Cotton yarn to Iranian market in a wholesale basis.

Transportation to Central Asian countries is being coordinated in Iran.

Upon demand, we supply all kinds of products from Iran to Central Asian countries. Among these, we can mention furniture, sugar, natural paints used for madder, Bituman, feed stuff, chik soybean for chicken feeding, and all types of construction materials


We mostly operate in transportation field.

We provide the transportation service from China to Central Asian countries.

We have our own warehouse for this purpose.

In addition, we provide observation service in production, loading and transportation processes.

Saudi Arabia

Activities in Saudi Arabia We purchase cars upon order. We provide transportation service from Jeddah or any other city in Saudi Arabia to Central Asian countries. We also supply towels and bathrobes to this country.


We have production facilities for commercial furniture.
We have farming fields where we deal with animal husbandry, stock raising, raising livestock, stockbreeding.


We use Ukraine as our IT center. Our IT company in Ukraine serves both our companies worldwide and other third-party customers around the world.